In Northern California, it’s not uncommon to spot wild turkeys wandering past the windows, or see a bluebird alight gently onto the perch of his birdhouse. On a daily basis, we hear the quack-quack of mallard ducks as they fly overhead, and hear the splash as they land in the stream flowing through a grassy meadow. In springtime, we are serenaded by the sunshine-infused cheers of a chorus of songbirds.

If this sounds more like a habitat refuge to you than a corporate headquarters, you’re right.

And wrong.

The fact is, the scene described above is actually both – it is a certified wildlife habitat and home to Paramount Equity® headquarters.

Last month, in honor of his birthday, Hayes Barnard’s mother presented Paramount Equity® with a National Wildlife Federation certificate deeming the property in Roseville a Certified Wildlife Habitat™. The beautiful rolling landscape that is the “backyard” of Paramount Equity® is now lovingly marked with a recycled sign which proudly announces the property’s designation as a wildlife habitat.

To qualify for certification, property must show it provides the four basic elements needed for wildlife to thrive – food, water, cover and places to raise young, as well as demonstrate sustainable gardening practices.

For more information about the Certified Wildlife Habitat program, visit

Hayes Barnard with Certified Wildlife Habitat sign for Roseville location of Paramount Equity®.

Hayes Barnard with VPs Matt Dawson and Jason Walker. Photograph from Hayes’ birthday last month.