One of the things that drew me to want to work with Paramount Equity® is the company’s focus on families and helping them save money on their expenses. Working hard to put food on the table and pay all the bills every month can be a challenging task, especially for California’s low income families. For many, even going to the dentist is a luxury they can’t afford and are left with untreated dental issues, which can cause major health problems along the line.

My husband is the current chairman of the California Dental Association’s foundation. This year, CDA partnered with America’s Dentists Care Foundation and hosted two clinics – one in Modesto in May and one in Sacramento in August – that provide much needed dental care to underserved communities. Next year we plan to host two more clinics – one in April in San Jose and  the second in Southern California. I have had the pleasure of becoming very involved with these events and made a donation in Paramount’s name to the Sacramento event in August.

The event officially kicked off on Friday morning, but set up started at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday morning.  By noon on Thursday, more than 200 patients were already lined up.  In fact, there were a number of patients that actually started lining up on Wednesday evening  to ensure they received the care they needed! By Friday morning there were roughly 1,200 people lined up when we started seeing patients.  Over Friday and Saturday 272 dentists, 99 hygienists, 305 dental assistants, 15 physicians and nurses, and 462 community volunteers helped some 2,026 Sacramento area patients and provided roughly $1.7 million in free dental care. Patients receive education about dental hygiene, cleanings, underwent extractions, were fitted with dentures, among a host of other vital services necessary to proper dental health – more than 10,000 procedures in total were performed!

I have been so touched by my involvement in these programs and am proud to have the Paramount Equity® name associated with these incredible events. To see children getting their teeth cleaned for the first time, people being so relieved to have painful cavities and infections cleared, and seniors having dentures fitted so that they can properly chew food is a truly heartening experience. The staff at these events are true heroes and turn an empty building at Cal Expo into a functioning dental office, with stations for cleaning, sanitization, and oral surgery, and with running water and drainage for suction – it’s absolutely incredible.

I encourage all Paramount Equity® employees to get involved in a cause that inspires them so that each and every person can experience the joy that giving back has brought me. We all have the power to make a difference in a family’s life – in our jobs and by serving our community.

Janet Rollofson