Block parties are a great American tradition. They are a fun way to make new friends, get to know your neighbors, and have a great time.

Whether you are hosting a block party for the first time in your neighborhood, or you have hosted them for many years, advanced planning will ensure that you have a fun, successful block party. If you are wondering how to throw a great block party, make sure you plan things in advance and delegate duties to some of your neighbors.

Following are some great tips for throwing a block party:

1. When you are planning your block party, the first thing you should do is pick your date. Try not to schedule your block party when there are any other major events going on in your area. Also pick a rain date when rain is unlikely, since it’s no fun to have a party in the rain!

2. As soon as you have decided on a date for your block party, call your local city office or police department and see if you have to apply for a permit. When you call the city office, ask if you can have road blocks put up for the block party. This will help to ensure a safe party environment for everyone.

3. Decide who you are going to invite to the party. Do you want to invite people on your block or from a larger area? One important rule to follow is to make sure that you invite everyone in the designated area. This way no one in your neighborhood will feel slighted.

4. Try to spread the work and expense out equally. Ask some neighbors to bring tables, chairs, and grills. Ask other neighbors to bring food for your block party. Send around an email list asking people to bring different foods, so you don’t end up with 20 salads and no desserts. Also ask some people to bring plates, cups, drinks, and ice.

5. Decide what activities you will hold at your block party. Make sure you have plenty of games and other activities to keep the children entertained. You may also want to have some events for the grownups to do, such as  fireworks, music, or volleyball.

If you have planned out everything in advance you shouldn’t have much to do on the day of the party other than setting up for the party and cleaning up after the party is over. Just remember to relax, have fun, and get to know your neighbors.