The Super Bowl is coming, and if you’re like a lot of homeowners, you’re probably tired of the same old boring parties. Instead of attending a friend’s Super Bowl party or spending time with co-workers watching the game at a bar or restaurant, try hosting your own Super Bowl party in your home. Here are five tips you can follow to make sure you’re celebrating the Super Bowl in style.

1. Avoid Boring Party Food

Everybody might like Buffalo wings and pizza from time to time, but if you want to celebrate the Super Bowl in style, skip the boring party food and go for something a little more interesting. Instead of Buffalo wings, try Asian style chicken salad or Moroccan marinated baked chicken legs. Instead of the boring vegetable platter, try putting out a mixture of hard and soft cheeses with crackers and olives. These foods may not be culinary breakthroughs, but they definitely aren’t your average Super Bowl party fare either.

2. Fire Up the Grill

If it’s warm enough to spend time outside where you are, consider firing up the grill to feed your guests. Not only will you be able to skip the boring party food, but you might be able to save some money by buying meat for grilling, since it will be discounted for Super Bowl parties. You can’t go wrong with chicken, but marinated cuts of meat like flank steak can also be purchased and grilled for your guests without breaking the bank.

3. Mix Drinks Ahead of Time

Most Super Bowl parties involve alcohol, and as long as your guests drink in moderation, it’s all in good fun. Instead of buying cases of beer, try making drinks in large quantities ahead of time. Drinks like margaritas, beer-based cocktails and bloody Mary’s can be made ahead of time and chilled. You’ll be celebrating the Super Bowl in style while you make sure you don’t spend the whole game grabbing beer or behind the bar making drinks.

4. Decorate Accordingly

You don’t have to go nuts with the decorations, but decorating a little bit will help get your guests into the spirit of the day. Football memorabilia, whether it’s real or fake, will be on sale before Super Bowl Sunday. You can also find football themed plates, napkins and accessories in a lot of stores right up until the game starts.

5. Don’t Forget the Postgame Festivities

A lot of Super Bowl parties end right when the game is over, but if you want to celebrate the Super Bowl in style, plan something for after the event. A friendly card game, rousing round of video football or an outdoor game make ideal postgame events.