In only their second season, Paramount Equity®’s indoor softball team had a shot at the championship against a veteran group. Unlike outdoor softball, where the offensive team gets three outs until they have to switch to defense, each team get 20 pitches before they have to switch. Teams on defense also get half a point for each out they create.

We were the away team so we got to hit first. After a relatively slow start, our bats came alive. One of our non-Paramount employee players, Katy Kaestner, hit a grand slam to give us the lead. Later in the inning, our very own Jen Erickson from the Lock Desk hit a home run to give us a bigger lead. From there, it was a back-and-forth game. In the last of the 4th inning (each game is only 4 innings long), it was still anyone’s game. At the end though, the other team hit a home run to seal the deal, and we wound up losing.

We couldn’t be more proud of the way our team played in that game and in the regular season. They improve with each game they play, and we know that there is a championship just around the corner!  

They have already signed up for next season, which starts on Monday 3/11/13!