It is that time of the year again, Easter. The kids are growing with excitement and your biggest thought now is how to throw the perfect Easter egg hunt. Easter for kids is fun and filled with joy and loads of chocolate eating. For those religious people it is also a time of rebirth. There is no better way to show rebirth than the humble egg. The perfect shape can easily be painted and decorated.

Step one of how to throw the perfect Easter egg hunt, is get the youngest family members that can hold a paint brush and build the excitement for the Easter hunt by letting them help you paint and decorate eggs. To add some fun, paint a few with luminous paint. 

The next step is to ensure the garden is mowed and any objects that may cause bumps in the dark are removed. A trip to the store for a bunch of small torches, back up batteries, some soft toy bunnies and fairy lights and you have the hardware to pull off this hunt.

The second step of how to throw the perfect Easter egg hunt is to get some really great party eats. A mixture of savory and sweet treats is ideal to ensure you do not need to bring out the castor oil later. Some ideas would be: Crumb cakes; sugar cookies; gingerbread; cinnamon buns; mini hotdogs, cheesy mini pizza’s, cotton candy sticks, potato crisps, a chocolate fountain with fruit to be dipped. Include plenty of cool drinks with ice to keep the little hunters hydrated.

The third step of how to throw the perfect Easter egg hunt would be to ensure you have enough baskets for your little visitors and loads of real chocolate eggs Exchange the painted eggs for real chocolate eggs, if you put the chocolate ones in the garden the kids may find them covered in ants. 

Now the fun part comes, when you sneak out and hide all the painted eggs in the garden. Some can be well hidden, some peeping out. Arrange the soft toy bunnies around the garden and put the fairy lights in the trees above or on the fence. It makes the garden feel more magical and at the same time, less scary for those children who are scared of the dark. With the treats set out and the garden lights switched off, you are now ready.

The final step of how to throw the perfect Easter egg hunt is to have your husband or an older child run into the house where your little visitors have gathered . Have them shout at the top of their voice that they have just seen a giant bunny in the garden. With the excitement built, quickly hand them their basket and torch and throw open the door and let the little visitors invade your garden hunting for the painted eggs that you can exchange for the chocolate ones. With the sound of excited laughter and fun, you know you have thrown the perfect Easter egg hunt.