The ladies of the marketing team would like everyone’s help in identifying a culprit…a very thoughtful culprit. 

Last Wednesday, the marketing team was going about our daily business when a delightful mystery began to unfold. Michele and I were walking by my office after a meeting and she spotted a lovely vase of flowers on my desk. She asked me to spill the details of who the gentleman caller responsible for this might be, but as I reached for the card I saw that there was no sender listed! The marketing Kristen/Cristin(s) chimed in that they had also received anonymous flowers, and we soon discovered that every lady in the marketing department had been given this thoughtful, floral gift with a personalized message.

And of course, we’re the type-A, nosy sort of gals, so we did some sleuthing and mild interrogations of our fellow coworkers to determine the perpetrator. Being the PR girl who’s apparently sly with words, I was nominated to call the florist to see if I could get any clues. In my sweetest Texas accent, (this has a 98% success rate – it’s hard to resist a Southerner) I told the florist that the marketing team received some beautiful flowers and unfortunately the sender had failed to include a name so that we might send a thank you card. She said the sender asked to remain anonymous, but let it slip that it was a “he.” Hmm…

Seeing this as an opportunity for a little playful mischief, a couple ladies sent photos of their flowers to their significant others with exuberant “thanks yous!” But these lads were unfazed and immediately confessed that they were not the sender – and one even showed the photos off to his coworkers because he was so tickled by his lovely wife receiving flowers from a secret source.  

It’s been a week since this wonderful surprise, and we’ve yet to determine any concrete suspects. If you, or anyone you know, have information regarding the “May Marketing Mystery,” please contact the marketing department. Together, we can identify, and properly thank, this charming culprit.