Want to prevent moles and pests from taking over your yard and home this summer? When it comes to pest control, you need to be vigilant. Be on the lookout for the earliest signs of pests and prevent their invasion through biological or chemical control.

Although the cold season is finally over, many homeowners have to contend with the problem of rodents, insects, moles, caterpillars, snails and slugs that can quickly destroy the plants in the yard. These pests hide beneath leaves, under stones and in other places.

Pests cannot only damage the plants in the yard, but also the entire home. You need to act fast to contain or prevent them from destroying your plants. Here are eight ways through which you can keep your yard pest free this summer:

1. Control moisture level. Excess moisture provides good breeding conditions for some pests. Seal all roof, gutter and plumbing leaks and do not overwater your plants or lawn. Make sure your yard and home stay as dry as possible.

2. Seal off any cracks on walls near your yard. Weather stripping around doors is also a good way to keep pests away.

3. Get rid of plants that attract insects and rodents to your yard. Examples of these plants include oleander, fig trees and bamboo. You should also trim the lawn and bushes near your home.

4. Use mole traps to catch moles. Insert the trap in the run (preferably in between hills) and place it in a dark area.

5. Add coffee grounds to your yard. Apart from adding nitrogen to soil and increasing acidity in plants, coffee helps to keep away some pests. Cats and slugs for example hate coffee. Coffee has also proved to be an effective olfactory based repellant for deer.

6. Use organic sprays to repel insects. Some of the ingredients found in organic sprays include garlic cloves and hot pepper. Some sprays have a combination of both ingredients and repel all kinds of pests including bugs.

7. While slugs are the most annoying small pests, rabbits and deer are competing for this position among the big pests. Rabbits can bring down an entire yard of plants in a matter of days. Fencing your yard all round is a great way to keep big pests away during summer.

8. Apply Bloodmeal. Blood meal is dried and flaked blood, a byproduct of meat packaging. Animals, especially deer and rabbits, do not like the smell of Bloodmeal. Besides keeping rodents away, Bloodmeal is also a good addition to your yard because of its high nitrogen content. Sprinkle the powder on the garden beds and around the plants, not on top of the leaves.

The above are some of the ways through which you can keep pests away from your yard. In some cases, you will need to apply pesticide to get rid of the pests completely. If you must use pesticide, then ensure it is not very toxic to the extent that it will kill your plants.