Paramount Equity®’s CO-ED softball team got the chance to go for gold in the championship game of Spring League Softball.

Unfortunately, this was not going to be an easy task for the team. After beating a team 12-5, they were set to play an undefeated team for the championship. Our team was ready to show off their skills and prove that even though our opponents might have been better on paper, we were the better team. The first four innings did not go the way we had hoped, being down 3-0 going into the fifth, so we knew we had to turn it around quickly. The fifth inning was where things started to go our way.

The other team was up to bat first and we held them to 0 with some amazing defense. Once we got up to the plate our bats came alive and brought us to 6 runs with our opponents having 5. In the bottom of the sixth, we were able to shut down their offense with 3 up 3 down keeping the momentum on our side. With the game so close, we needed something big to put them away and that’s exactly what Dustin Mansell, one of our district sales managers, hit a three run homer to take the game to 9-5 in our favor. With some killer defense for the rest of the game, we were able to hole them off and WIN 9-5!!!

Our team did an amazing job winning this championship in “come from behind” fashion. We couldn’t be more proud or more excited about being the team to beat next year.