With the blistering summer months rolling in quickly, it’s important to stay at a healthy, and comfortable temperature while enjoying your fun in the sun, no matter where you are. It is especially imperative to keep your home well ventilated, and not too warm for your liking. Here are some tips to keep your home cool this summer.

Air Conditioning- Tried and true, AC units are the most popular and most effective tool to combat the heat during hot summer days. Air conditioning units that are stationed upon windows, or central cooling units help regulate the air in your house, much like it does in your car, or refrigerator, siphoning in air, and reducing it’s temperature with what is usually freon, a cooling agent which keeps wherever you are nice and chilly. However, this is possibly the most expensive option of all, due to the fact that it can conjure up quite a significant energy bill if used constantly.

Nature- The most cost efficient way to keep your home cooled during toasty summer days is by using the earth around us. Specifically, taking advantage of breezy days, by opening up windows and doors, and allowing the refreshing air to circulate throughout your home to neutralize hot temperatures. However, this is only possible if weather permits. On a stagnant, humid day, considerable wind forces may not be enough to keep your house cooled, and you may have invited unwanted pests or insects into your home. On such a boring lifeless day, a good solution would be to utilize moderately powered fans in strategic locations in your home, such as at the top of staircases, or near openings to simulate air circulation. In any case, it is also important to note that loose belongings such as papers and other light objects be held in place, as to not be blown about the living space by the air so desperately needed to keep comfortable.

Positioning- Regardless of the methods used to cool your house, it should be recognized by the laws of science, that heat, and especially hot air, rises. This considered, it is advised that you keep away from the upper regions of your home as best as you can. This does not designate them as inhabitable, but the upper floors of your home will be considerable hotter than the other floors. To experience the coolest area, try to stay in the lowest point of your home, in most cases, the ground floor or basement.

Finally, make sure to keep passageways in the home as clear as possible. If clutter collects near the opening of a door, you can be assured that the inside of the room will become a virtual hotbox, as the openings needed for the heat to escape, have been blocked. These tips will help you keep your home cool this summer, and keep you at a nice comfortable temperature. However, if all else fails, remember, you can always go hit the pool!