Owning a home is great, but sometimes the maintaining of it is not so great. Fixing common mistakes with just some know-how, and maybe a little elbow grease is easy. Here’s how to fix the most common mistakes in your home, according to HouseTask.com.

Clogged drains – use a commercial product, such as Drano, a liquid you pour down the drain, or a plunger, that uses air and water pressure to unclog drains. . If the clog persists, using a mechanical auger that helps snake out the drain  is the best solution.

Overflowing toilets – sometimes, toilets can become clogged or the outlet valve is stuck open. Here’s a simple fix-it trick. First, stop the water flow by lifting up the tank lid and finding the outlet valve, an opening at the bottom of the tank. Next, push the ball, above the valve into the opening to stop the flow. If the ball is stuck, lift the float arm – a big ball that sits on a wire arm – to stop the flow. Use a book or piece of wood across the tank to keep the ball arm in place.  Then, remove the clog by using a plunger or auger in the toilet bowl. If the clog won’t release, you will need to call a professional plumber to assist.

Clogged garbage disposal – how to fix the most common mistakes in your home includes how to un-jam a disposer. For a quick fix, first turn off the power to the unit, and using a flashlight to look inside the chamber, locate the culprit, but don’t put your hand inside. Next, grab some pliers and see if you can grab the obstruction. If you can’t, then clear away any debris and use the end of a broom handle to try and twist the rotor in either direction, with as much force possible. Remove the obstruction with pliers. Finally, reset the breaker to where the disposer is located, or push a reset button on the bottom of the disposal.

A leaky faucet - shut off the water to the faucet and find out what type of faucet you have by either looking at the handle or the main faucet housing. Unscrew the handle and remove it. Remove the packing nut with pliers. Unscrew the valve stem and remove it, and pluck out the screw that holds the washer; remove the washer and examine it. If it’s still in OK condition, use it to locate a replacement. Then reverse the steps to install a new one.

A pilot light will sometimes go out in your water heater, if there’s been a flood, a draft, or if the unit is getting old. Follow the directions on the water heater on how to relight it. If there are no directions, contact a professional to relight it for you.

Now that you know how to fix the most common mistakes in your home, conducting an annual maintenance check will ensure mistakes are caught early before they become a major problem.