It’s summertime and the familiar words from your kids of “I’m bored!” ring through your head. Now what? Never fear, there are many activities for kids to do during the summer. All it takes is a little creativity and cooperation from your children.

Attend summer camp – depending on where you live, summer camp is an awesome activity for kids, since it usually happens all summer long. Kids can foster new friendships, learn new and exciting things, enjoy the great outdoors, and…never be bored.

Join a sport’s team
– get your kid on a city soccer, baseball, or other outdoor league. Not only will this teach them the value of being on a team, but help them develop new skills. Plus, they will meet new friends and learn valuable leadership skills, as well.

Join a community recreation center club - this is a great idea for bored kids, because typically these centers have summer events. Whether it’s a day camp sort of activity or certain blocks dedicated to certain sports and activities, kids will enjoy the time away from the family, as well as enjoy meeting new people. There are usually swimming, volleyball, basketball, track, and other games in which to participate. These are just a few activities for kids to do during the summer.

Get a summer water park pass  – this is especially good for teens, who are not old enough to hold a job, but too old for recreation center day camps. Many communities will offer a discount to one or more water parks in the area.

Purchase a city swimming pool pass
– what kid doesn’t want to spend their time at the pool all day, every day? City season passes are typically marked down greatly right before the season begins. This is perfect for teens or for younger kids old enough to be at the pool alone. You can also join the fun, if you have little ones.

Invest in a trampoline – yes, trampolines can be dangerous, but the newest ones have really taken safety to a new level. Kids can enjoy hours of outdoor exercise – yes, exercise – by utilizing this decades-old entertainment device.

Put together puzzles – this is great for smaller kids who get bored very easily. Purchase a bunch of them from the dollar store and spend your days putting together fun and challenging puzzles. Spread out a tarp or lay one on a table and go to work. Provide bowls of popcorn and let them enjoy working on their masterpieces.

Get a Wii Game System - this can provide hours of fun. Get a Wii Fit system and let them go wild with snowboarding, disco dancing, golf, or baseball.

Play dress up –  get out all your old dresses and shoes and have fun with makeup. Afterwards, set up a photo shoot and observe your kid’s congeniality.

Purchase movie passes
– many city theaters will offer dollar movies for kids to view during the summer.

Of course, there are many more activities for kids to do during the summer. Check out websites, such as Parenting for more ideas.