Football season always seems to sneak up on people. Although the Superbowl is not until February, opening day is right around the corner. If you have some major “superfans” in your family, or just want to have friends over for a game or a toss, here are some things you can do in terms of getting your home ready for football season.

1. Get it in gear 

If you are a hardcore fan of a particular team, don’t be afraid to show it. Professional teams come out with all kinds of swag, from welcome mats and patio chairs to garden gnomes and kitchenwares. If you are not looking for the mainstream merchandise, you can also check out stores like Etsy to see what individual fans are crafting up in terms of home decor.

2. Set up your man (or woman) cave 

Proper football watching requires a certain ambience. You want someplace that has a television (obviously), a series of comfortable
chairs, and space to place the snacks and jump up and down during touchdown dances. All kidding aside, you want to have a comfortable space to enjoy the game with friends. That space can be as specific (e.g..- painted in the team’s colors) or non-specific (the family sitting room, but extra- clean and comfy) as you like, so long as there is a designated football watching area. If you want to go extra hard, check out the clinics, like Home Depot’s “Paint an Interior Room” workshop which has special focuses on football team decor.

3. Get the whole family involved.

With decals and other fun little add-ons, there is no reason that your kids (and, yes, maybe even your pets) cannot get in on all the football fun. Encourage your family to show their pride in different decorative ways.

4. Clear the field

This may not be true of all football fans, but the odds are, if you and your friends see a particularly excellent pass or touchdown, you are going to want to recreate it. Don’t let the clustered nature of your lawn take away from football greatness! If possible, have a section of your lawn cleared so that your friends and you can pre-game (or post- game) with a pick-up game of touch football. Not only is it a great way to bond and have fun, but it also will get everyone up and active- an important thing to do after a day of watching TV. Get the kids and family pets involved too, for a healthier lifestyle for everyone.

5. Get creative

Once you get started, there is no limit to the crazy things you can do in preparation for the upcoming football season, so go wild!