Next to dealing with death and getting married, moving is one of the highest stress factors people have to deal with in their lifetime. Moving does not have to be awful, however- it just requires a little bit of creativity to bring the excitement and joy of heading to a new home back to moving day. Here are some pro tips on how you can start making moving day fun again.

1. Bring along your crew

Okay, this is not terribly creative. You probably have already contacted your friends to help you move the sofa and are bribing them with pizza and beer. This is what almost everyone does. But your beer-bribed friends do pose an extra incentive- they’re your FRIENDS! Remember that, and plan something awesome to do with them either before or after the move. Start the day off with a brilliant brunch somewhere delicious or celebrate your hard work by making sure one of the first things you set up is the DVD player and have a move-in movie marathon (it might be better not to watch any haunted house movies, though…) Having friends along will instantly decrease the stress of the day.

2. Check out the neighborhood ahead of time

Each neighborhood inherently has some awesome things that you are going to want to check out. Before the big move, make a list of the interesting and exciting sights and attractions. Throughout moving day, pull that list out to remind yourself why it is so great that you are moving. Maintaining perspective is sure to keep your mood up, even while you are hefting boxes.

3. If you have kids, keep them occupied!

Moving with kids brings an entirely different set of challenges with it. You want them to stay happy, but you also don’t want to risk them getting hurt by being underfoot. Make a list of activities for the kids prior to move-in day. The kids will feel like they have some say in the new home and are being helpful, and you’ll be able to get the grown-up tasks done. When in doubt, have them start to decorate their new room.

4. Make it a relay

Un-enjoyable tasks that take a long time to do statistically become even more un-enjoyable. Get your moving done fast and have a blast in the process by making it into a huge game. Assign each team a room or set of rooms on the floor plan. The team that moves their room/s in the fastest gets a prize (or the losers have to pay for the winners’ dinners). For added team spirit, set up a color war ahead of time.

5. Don’t take it too seriously

You want everyone to be safe and everything to get into the house or apartment. That’s your goal; beyond that do not sweat the small stuff. Sometimes, the imagined worries of moving day are way more daunting than the reality. Everything can be fixed in the long run- just don’t stress.