Even though it seems as though the summer is still in full swing, you’re going to have to start getting back into that back to school mentality sooner or later. If you’re thinking with your best interests in mind you’re no doubt looking for good deals on school supplies. You can do this and you don’t even need to take a whole lot of time or energy either. Here’s a handy guide for finding good deals on school supplies.

Take Stock: One of the first things you need to do when you’re looking for good deals on school supplies is to first find out what you have and what you haven’t. There’s nothing quite like the pie in your eye when you have bought things in duplicate or triplicate.
Make sure to go over your kids’ fall prep sheets and see if the teachers or school even have a website so that you can know just what is required.

Shop the Circulars:

Once you have a broad idea of what you need by way of school supplies then it’s time to hit the circulars. You can do this via your newspaper or online but you should look everywhere that you can think that may have what you need. This includes office supply stores, kids’ stores, groceries, department stores, and smaller boutique shops.

Online Only: One of the sure fire routes for finding good deals on school supplies is to shop online. This is one reason you should begin shopping early. If you can find everything you need online, order it, and have it delivered for less than it costs to go out to the stores, and spend the time and effort to find these things. So why wouldn’t you go online instead?

Price Comparison: Another thing you should be looking for is a price match guarantee. Many stores will cross honor the in-print deals of their competitors so you should be on the look-out for that deal and you should take advantage of it if it comes across your desk. Of course that means you need to remember to bring these published deals into the stores which participate, but by doing so you can actually really save a good deal of money.

Make Your Move: The final thing about all of these strategies for finding good deals on school supplies is that you need to make your move. You actually need to decide which one or the other of these deals makes the most sense for you and then you need to make haste! There is no time like the present and we need to be sure we are sending our kids off into the world with their best foot put forward.

How you find great deals for your back to school shopping may be different. But one thing about however you do it is true; you have to get these supplies before school starts or your kids will be left out. So get going!