If you have put off the inevitable of having to settle down and buy a home, it would be something of an understatement to say anything less than, the time is now. You can get into the market for a new home and really begin to make a lifetime of new memories for you and your family. Conversely, if you have always thought about relocating to somewhere you have never lived before and the opportunity is before you, that’s great! But you could be off-put by the prospect of buying a home sight-unseen. Luckily for you, with all the resources available to consumers, it’s never been easier to do so. Here are some tips for homebuyers looking for homes online and how you can move right in to your dream property.

Survey the Area: You may have a job in one place and not want to commute too far from that job but you need to carefully survey the region to decide if the trade-offs are worth it. For example, if one home you’re looking at is very nearby your work but is going to turn your housing payment into double or more, that’s no one’s idea of a good trade-off, especially if you can find something far more affordable only a few miles away.

Virtual Walk-through: Another one of the important tips for homebuyers looking for homes online is to ask your realtor to do a virtual walk-through. That is they can take a camera and “show” you the property. If you are with them in a live stream then you can also ask questions which may have arisen during an actual walk-through which can only help you make your decision.

Independent Testing: Of course you have to have the ground tested and make sure there is no asbestos, lead in the walls, or any other big negatives before any money changes hands. This would be the same as in a regular home purchase so you should ask that this be done on your behalf by an independent third party. Make sure to check out local rankings and ask around if you know anyone who currently lives in the area if they know a good tester.

Negotiate: A final one of the most important tips for homebuyers looking for homes online is you can’t ever forget your position of power in negotiations. Just because you are not physically there doesn’t mean you still can’t make demands of the home sellers, haggle over the dollars and cents, ask that closing costs be covered and if you’re not satisfied, simply walk away. You hold the cards, and never forget that.

These are just a few of the tips for homebuyers looking for homes online. Of course, you need to do your own due diligence beforehand but if you do the right amount of homework on the front side you just may be able to find the home of your dreams in a virtual setting!