A glowing Jack O Lantern in adark mist Forest on Halloween...Halloween is a wonderful holiday. You get to dress up, freak out the ones you love and eat candy. Could there be anything better? However, lately it seems like the holiday has gotten out of hand. With all of the things people want you to buy, Halloween can be spooky for your wallet. Never fear, with these great tips, you can enjoy Halloween on a budget.

Halloween on a Budget: Costumes

You do not need to go to a fancy costume shop to come up with a great costume. Here are a few creative costumes you can make from items which you already own:

• If you are going to a Halloween party with your spouse, dress as him or her.

• For kids, gym clothes will help turn them into runners, soccer players or football players.

• Use construction paper to make ears and dress in all black to be a cat.

• Zombie costumes simply require a bit of green makeup and perhaps a little lipstick for a touch of blood dripping from the lips.

• With a plaid shirt and blue jeans you can dress as a farmhand, scarecrow or lumberjack with the right accessories.

• Pull out those old bridesmaid dresses and go as nursery rhyme characters or make them tattered and put some blood on your neck to be the victim of a vampire.

Halloween on a Budget: Decorations

Make your yard come to life when you create a spooky scene from items you already have in your home.

• Use coffee filters, tissue or toilet paper to make ghosts to hang in the trees or around the door.

• Create oversized spiders when you fill trash bags with leaves or newspapers and create eight legs.

• Old milk jugs can be painted with ghost faces and lined up the walk for a green take on lanterns. Poke a hole in the bottom and sit each jug on top of Christmas lights for an eerie, recycled, glow.

• A scarecrow comes to life when you take the tattered clothing from your closet and stuff it with hay, newspaper or leaves.

• Create spooky shadows in your window by cutting out silhouettes of bats, mice, witches and skeletons from black construction paper.

• Pulling apart cotton balls can give you spooky spider webs to hang in the doorway.

Halloween on a Budget: Treats

Candy is, of course, the favorite treat for Halloween. If you are having guests over, here are some great appetizers and treats which will not break the bank.

• Make pigs in a blanket and then place a bit or red pepper or tomato at the tip, like a painted fingernail.

• Cupcakes look great when topped with chocolate icing and gummy worms.

• A bowl of apples makes a wonderful centerpiece when you have rubber mice sticking out on all sides. (When Halloween is over use the apples to make pie.)

• Use the guts from any Jack O’Lanterns to make pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread.

With a bit of creativity you can enjoy Halloween on a budget!