Top Tips for House HuntingBuying a home is a big investment. You are going to see more wrong houses than you will the right one. Even then, you may see more than one home which suits you. So how do you know which home will be perfect for your family? With these top tips for house hunting, you will be ready for the challenge.

Get Your Finances Together

Knowing how much you want to spend is the first step to finding the right home. Do not let yourself get sucked into buying a home you cannot afford. In order to prevent this many people tell their realtor their top budget is $25,000 – $50,000 less than they can afford. This way you end up with room to negotiate and money for new furniture.

Additionally, when you have your finances in order you will be ready to act. Chances are you may not be the only person who likes the potential home. When you have your approval, are ready for closing costs and a down payment you could stand out as the right buyer.

Be Ready for the Challenge

One of the top tips for house hunting is that you have to be patient and persistent. A day of seeing homes is long. These tips will help you get through a long day of house hunting:

• Wear shoes which are comfortable but will slip off so that you can tour the house sans shoes if the homeowner has requested that.

• Bring a water bottle and a snack so that you’re hydrated and do not get cranky.

• Bring a camera so that you can take pictures and remember which house you liked the best.

In order to decide between one house and the next it can be helpful to create a survey. Make a list of items which are paramount to your needs. Next to each item list the numbers one through five. For every house you go to circle the number which corresponds to how you feel about that item. After seeing each house you will have a score. The house with the highest score should be the one you choose. (Be sure to add extra points for an overall feeling of the home.)

When at the showings for each home, be on your game. Dress nicely to command the respect of everyone in the room. Limit the trash talk about what you think about the seller’s interior design style. You want to come off as a home buyer who knows what they are doing and what they are looking for.

Top Tips for House Hunting

Go with your gut but watch your back. You will feel it when a house is welcoming and meets your needs. However, do not go for this house with blinders on. Get all the proper inspections and make sure all the paperwork is in place. This is a big investment; you should feel confident about the location, the style, the design and the finances.