Building your dream homeBuilding your dream home is simple. This may sound like a statement which couldn’t possibly be true. However, with the right plan in place and a good amount of patience, you can build your dream home. Much of what goes into this is preparation. Building your dream home is like cooking a great meal; there is a lot of time cutting and dicing and then at the last minute it all goes in the oven and later comes out great.

Steps to Build Your Dream Home: Finances

The first step of building your dream home is financing. This has to be looked at years in advance. A bank wants to know that you can afford your mortgage. When they meet with you they are going to want to see bank statements, tax returns for the past two years, investments and letters from your employers. Determine how much you want to spend on your dream home now so that you can begin to save for the down payment and any renovations.

When everything is in place, and has been in place for some time, consider what you will spend. Do you want to buy a new home? Do you want to build your dream home from scratch? Do you want to buy an old home and gut it to turn it into exactly what you want? Building your dream home is a big undertaking and therefore securing the financing needs to be one of the top steps to build your dream home responsibly.

Steps to Build Your Dream Home: Design

Many interior designers will come to a project with a portfolio. This is a collection of the work they have done, the things they are good at and the things which they want to show off. For your dream home, build a portfolio of what you want in a home.

In the portfolio have pictures of home architecture which you like. Are you into the more modern style, do you like Frank Lloyd Wright homes or do you prefer the Queen Anne style of architecture. Pictures of furniture, lawn displays, paint swatches and fabric samples will all help you pull together the look of the home when you are ready.

Steps to Build Your Dream Home: Be Practical

When it comes time to make an offer on a fixer upper, or start working with contractors on that as yet to be built home, consider where you are in life. Do you need to have additional bedrooms which will be filled later with kids? Do you need an office for when you retire and are going to start on your novel? Do you want to have an income suite which will later be converted to an in-laws area? It would be a shame to only think about what life is like now and have to move because your house does not suit your needs two or three years down the road.

Your dream home is within your grasp when you follow the right steps.