Though every year many people use the same holiday decorations that have become a tradition for their family, others love to do something different for every holiday. Even if you are planning on mixing both old and new, there are some really simple steps that we’ve collected that will help you get your decorating planned so that it will go off without a hitch!

Pick a Theme

The theme, in all honesty, may be the most difficult part of choosing your decoration options for the holiday season. For instance, many people choose a Victorian or country theme, but some folks consider them overdone. Think about your family and your tastes. If you’ve got daughters who are in love with boy bands, think about using a pop culture theme with lots of color. Maybe you prefer a funky look with googly-eyed Santas. Or maybe you want to be a Grinch or have a “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme, or just decorate with a specific color.

It’s very easy to find garlands, lights and even trees in crazy colors these days, so your options for holiday ornaments are endless. It’s also very easy to carry your indoor theme outdoors with exterior lights and lawn decorations – some of which may be solar powered to help save on your electric bill!

Make a List of Places You Want to Decorate

This may sound like a no-brainer, but who hasn’t had to make a run to the big box store for two or three extra packs of lights we’d forgotten. Keep a running list of where you want to decorate and what look you want so you’ll know what you need to buy or forage from last year’s holiday decorations. And don’t forget the stockings! How else will Santa be able to leave your presents?

Find Your Decorations

Some folks are very detail oriented when it comes to storing their stuff. If you have several boxes of decorations for the holidays, mark each individual box with its contents. Many people, when moving, will tape a digital photo of the box’s contents on the side of the carton. This is a great idea for your ornaments, lights and other goodies and helps easily display your decoration options for the holiday season.

Don’t Forget Your Yard!

A simple strand of bright lights will warm up any property for the holidays, but there are so many more things you can do! If you have trees or bushes, think about adding a few lights to them. Streaming ribbons in this year’s holiday colors will spice up things nicely too.

The truth is that your decoration options for the holiday season are infinite; your only limitation is your imagination. Try repurposing items you already have to save money. There are also clubs and swap-meets popping up all over the country to trade last year’s items for something new. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure to dump the stress and have a great time!