How to throw an awesome super bowl partyThe Super Bowl is without a doubt one of the most beloved sporting events in the United States. Each year, millions of people indulge in fine food, sip on frosty beers and put on their foam fingers all in aid of the eagerly anticipated football game. As the second most-watched sporting event in the world, it’s not surprising that stadiums around the country overflow with excited fans. If you like to take on the role of host, consider throwing an awesome Super Bowl party!

Pointing your furniture towards the television is the first step you need to take before the fun begins. Once you have handed out invitations to your football fan friends, prepare for the shenanigans with the following five tips:

1. Themes and Decorations – Transform your home into a football stadium by adorning the walls with Super Bowl-themed decorations. You can make your own supplies or purchase them from nearby party stores. Scatter mini helmets around the home, string garland along bookshelves and stick paper team logos on the walls. Impress guests by dressing as a goalkeeper or don your favorite team player’s clothing! Designate one room for game-watching and another for general chit-chat.

2. Super Bowl Activities/Entertainment – Super Bowl commercials are equally as famous as the game itself. In fact, a single commercial costs millions of dollars to make! If you want to keep friends/family occupied during the breaks, blast some mood-lifting songs. Alternatively, play guessing games, have cook-offs, lip-syncing contests and trivia challenges. Why not make things interesting by putting bets on players who will score the most goals?

3. Finger-licking Food – Your guests will likely get peckish when watching the game, so a set meal may not be the best option. Finger foods and snacks are a better option, so consider making traditional tailgate fare for the party. Some tempting choices include hot dogs, chicken tenders, nachos, mozzarella sticks, breadsticks and dip, burgers and pizza. Place a variety of dips on the table, such as hummus, guacamole and salsa.

4. Drink Selection – Make guests feel at home by creating a drinks area where they can select their preferred beverage throughout the game. The key to throwing an awesome Super Bowl party is to stock up on alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Recommended drinks include beer, root beer, wine, cider, cocktails, fizzy drinks and milkshakes.

5. Paper Plates and Napkins – You can expect the stack of dishes and laundry to be sky-high the day after a Super Bowl game, which is why it’s a good idea to use disposable plates and napkins! These are easier to use and are a safer alternative. Instead of purchasing normal white disposable accessories visit a local store, or shop online to find themed ones.