Roof Repair - Paramount Equity®Repairing your roof is often very easy. With some basic knowledge, homeowners can identify the causes of common roofing problems and fix the issues by themselves. Understanding basic roof repair can also help homeowners know when to call for roofing service. Homeowners can handle simple repairs by themselves. They should call roofing specialists if they identify more serious damage.

1. Leaks

Minor leaks are common roof problems that homeowners should not ignore. When these leaks are left unrepaired, they may cause major damage to the roof and other parts of the house. Homeowners can repair leaks in many ways. One good way to stop leaks is covering them with a tarp. Although this is just a short-term solution, it is good enough to temporarily stop leaks until homeowners can afford to call for professional service. Bricks or other heavy objects may be used to keep the tarp in place.

Homeowners can also use rubber peel and stick materials to fix leaks. Repairing leaks using these materials is as simple as using adhesive tape. Tar and gravel can also stop leak problems. This can be a long-term solution, and it is very cheap. Homeowners can apply the tar and gravel themselves.

2. Pooling water

Pooling water problems are normally caused by clogged gutters and downspouts. Homeowners can solve problems with pooling water by cleaning the drainage system and making sure it is free from organic material and debris.

3. Wind Damage

Strong wind can damage roofs. This often happens when wind blows over the edge of the roof and creates a partial vacuum. As a result, the air pushes the roof up and loosens its connection to the house. Roofing and insulation should be secured to the roof fastening system to prevent wind damage. It should be tight enough to ensure total roof fastening.

4. Weathering

All types of roofing materials deteriorate after prolonged exposure to weather and other environmental conditions. If weathering problems involve only a portion of the roof, homeowners may opt for replacing specific roof sections. However, they should call the roofing specialists if the damage is extensive.

5. Blistering Shingles

Old roofs often have problems with blistering shingles. Homeowners can extend the roof’s life by keeping foot traffic on the roof to a minimum. Weight can contribute to shingle deterioration. Cooler roofs are also guaranteed to last longer. Proper maintenance should be observed to prevent blistering shingles.