Whether you are looking for your first home or your fifth, working with your realtor can be a confusing relationship. Knowing exactly what you need to tell your real estate agent is critical to the success of that relationship. Here are five issues you need to discuss with your real estate agent to keep the lines of communication open and effective.

Size of the Home

If you have lived in a house before, you may already have a very clear idea of exactly how large or small you want your next home to be. Should you be a first-time buyer, you may be confused by the look of an empty house or may not have given much thought to what size home would be most appropriate. Because the best way to work with a real estate agent is to be completely
honest, do not overestimate your surety when it comes to size. Your agent should be able to provide you with a good starting point.

School District

For those with children, being very firm on remaining in or purchasing a property in a specific school district is quite common. If this is the case for you, you will want to let your agent know that ‘just one block farther’ isn’t acceptable if it puts you into the neighboring district. Single people, those who homeschool and couples who do not want children may not be concerned with this issue at all, which will give your real estate agent far more latitude when choosing which houses to show you.

Architectural Style

Some buyers know immediately that the stairs in a three-story Victorian are not something they want. Privacy-minded people may not like homes where the bedrooms share a common wall. Other buyers see each house as its own entity and are not concerned with the style whatsoever. Give this issue some thought and talk it over with your realtor.


Are you prepared to weed, feed and keep up with row after row of ornamental gardens? How about spraying and pruning fruit trees?

If you are in the market for an older house, you need to consider this issue and talk about it with your real estate agent. People with allergies will also need to make their needs known up front.


In many parts of the country, pools are quite common. Are you willing to see homes that have them? What about homes where the neighbors have pools? Parents of young children may need to be especially cautious with this issue. Your realtor needs to know your opinion on pools.

Being open and honest with your real estate agent is imperative. By thinking about these five issues and discussing them prior to viewing homes, you can save both yourself and your agent lots of time and frustration during the search for your new home.