How to sell your home fastWhen you are getting ready to sell your home, one of the first things you want to know is, “What can I do to make it sell fast?” The answer is simple. Make your house attractive to buyers. Here are three ways to do just that:

1. Curb Appeal

The first impression a potential buyer gets of your house is how it looks from the curb. The outside appearance can make the difference in whether they even want to come inside or not. Make them want to see the inside.

To Do:

Mow the grass and trim the landscaping. Keep the toys off the sidewalk and the litter off the lawn. If the paint is faded or peeling, make a quick touchup.

2. Squeaky Clean

Nothing will turn away a potential buyer faster than a dirty house. People not only don’t want to buy a dirty house, they don’t even want to look at it. Make sure your house is as clean as it can be.

To Do:

Go through every room. Hunt down those dust bunnies. Scrub the kitchen and bathrooms until they sparkle. Wash windows to allow in as much light as possible.

3. De-Clutter

People like space. Make your house look as spacious as possible. The more stuff that is crammed into a room, the smaller the room seems. People want to know that there will be plenty of room for their stuff.

To Do:

Again, go through every room. Remove everything that you don’t absolutely need. If there are items you don’t plan to keep, get rid of them now.

Do you want to keep the chandelier? Remove it now, before the buyer sees it and decides that she wants it.

Clear shelves and countertops. An empty countertop looks larger than a cluttered one. Pack up the knick-knacks and the family photos. Allow the buyer to imagine her personal items in the house instead of seeing yours.

Bonus Tip:

When expecting prospective buyers, bake cookies or an apple pie. The scent will make your home inviting and attractive.

This may seem like a lot of work for something you are leaving behind. Unless you are willing to allow it to remain on the market for months while other houses sell quickly, you will need to put the effort into preparing to sell your home. A little effort in the beginning will net you large rewards later.