Decorating your home- Paramount Equity®Now that you have purchased a house, it is time to start decorating it. You may want to go all out, but not have the money to do so. If so, you are not alone, but don’t despair. Decorating your dream home on a budget is possible. Here are some easy ways to get you started.

1. Paint the walls. Nothing is more boring than white walls throughout the home. Paint is inexpensive, yet one coat can change the entire look of a room. Go for dramatic, relaxing, bold or whatever your heart tells you. If you find the color doesn’t work, you can always change it.
One way to ensure continuity throughout the home is to paint rooms in different shades of the same color. Combine dark and light shades for more variation. Use stencils, or try a specialty paint technique.

2. Make use of secondhand items. Auctions, rummage sales, estate and yard sales have an abundance of items. Choose quality pieces which will hold up over time. If you find pieces that need work, ask friends and family to help. People may have hidden talents you can make use of. Even something as simple as changing hardware can change the whole look of a piece.

3. Accessorize. Look for free items, and incorporate them into your decorating scheme. Paint the bathroom blue and add some seashells and driftwood you found while walking along the beach. Use the shell as a soap dish. Hang the driftwood on hooks as a towel rack. The cost is minimal and the final product amazing. Pillows add texture and pictures brighten up a room. Use your imagination when framing shots for a designer look.

4. Floor coverings freshen up a room. Find ones with patterns, designs or textures. Learn how to paint canvas to make a floor mat. There are many rugs to choose from, and many techniques to try. You can have a custom rug for a fraction of what you would pay in a store if you make it yourself. When home decorating for less, your imagination is your only limit.

5. Flowers brighten up any home. Plant a garden, and make use of the flowers throughout the home. Use bottles and jars for vases. These can be picked up at flea markets for little or nothing, and flowers make a huge difference in how your dream home looks and feels.

Good luck and happy decorating!