Unruley Neighbors- Paramount Equity®Dealing with bad neighbors can make your life a waking nightmare. Bad neighbors may stay up all night partying, let their dogs run wild all over your property, or even threaten the safety of your neighborhood by engaging in illegal activities. If bad neighbors are giving you a regular headache, read on to find out how to handle bad neighbors in five easy steps.

1. Ignore Bad Neighbors

Sometimes, it’s possible to simply ignore your neighbor’s bad behavior.
If your neighbors are not breaking any laws or rules, you may have no choice but to ignore their actions. Practice telling yourself that you cannot control your neighbor’s actions, so you should not get upset. With enough practice, you may cultivate enough serenity to ignore your neighbor’s jungle of a lawn.

2. Talk to Your Neighbor

If you can’t ignore your neighbor, try talking with them directly about their problem behaviors. Many obnoxious neighbors are not deliberately odious. Some troublesome neighbors are clueless but well-meaning. Talking with these neighbors about their annoying habits may be all that it takes to make them shape up.

If you’re intimidated about talking to your neighbor, write them a letter. You don’t need to sign your name to it if you’re worried about repercussions. Some people just need to be told that they are being a problem.

3. Get Your HOA Involved

If your nasty neighbor won’t listen to reason, you may be able to get your Homeowner’s Association, or HOA, involved. If both you and your neighbor belong to the same HOA, you may be able to get some assistance by bringing it into your disagreement. HOAs often have rules stipulating what homeowners may and may not do. If your neighbor is breaking any of these rules, the HOA may be empowered to take action against him.

4. Get The Police Involved

If your neighbor’s actions cross the line into illegal territory, you may need to involve the police. Read up on your local laws to find out whether your neighbor is breaking any laws. Document every pertinent fact before calling the police. Be very careful about involving the police, however. Bringing the police into your dispute could lead to an escalation of problems with your neighbor.

5. Move

If all else fails and you simply cannot abide your neighborhood nemesis, it may be time to move. You may hate to wave the white flag of surrender, but sometimes the only way to deal with a bad neighbor is to remove yourself from the situation.