Mancave - Paramount Equity®They are the subject of countless home decor shows. Maybe you even know, and envy, someone who has one. But what is a mancave? A mancave is a space to relax and escape the stresses of work, family, and responsibilities. It is a space for men to be men and a space to call your own. While the lady of the house may dictate the form and function of the rest of the home, the mancave is the place for the man of the house to indulge his own style and interest. In short, your room is whatever you need it to be. When building your man cave, consider these top five essentials.

Comfortable Furniture

This is no place for straight back chairs and priceless antiques. Your mancave is a place for relaxation and lounging. Outfit it with comfortable, sturdy furniture such as leather recliners and overstuffed, stain-resistant couches. Be sure to have plenty of seating for guests. Your mancave is sure to become the most popular place for poker night or for watching the game.


Any TV will do if it lets you avoid the newest Lifetime drama or the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Wherever. But, sometimes size does matter. The bigger the TV the easier it is to tell when the referee made a bad call. While you’re at it, go ahead and subscribe to all the cable sports packages. With a man cave this nice, you will want access to all the games.

Snacks & Drinks

Being able to grab a quick snack or drink is essential when building your mancave. The simplest way to accomplish this is with a mini fridge. You could also go the extra mile and install a kegerator, soda fountain, or even a full bar. Beyond making it easy to grab a snack or drink, your mancave is the perfect place to store the snack you don’t want to share, or that do not meet the dietary goals of the rest of the family.

Space for Hobbies

Your mancave is the perfect place to indulge in hobbies. No matter what you are into, hobby gear can take center stage in your mancave. Music enthusiasts might enjoy a jukebox while video gamers could set up game systems or large computer monitors. Pool or poker tables also make perfect centerpieces for your room. Whatever your passion, set up your mancave so that you can easily engage in your interest.


Throughout the rest of the house, the design scheme may be shabby chic, country or minimalist, but in your mancave, you set the style. Floral arrangements and framed portraits can make way to neon signs, sports memorabilia, or mounted fish. Whatever decor you enjoy, this is the place to display it. Consider hanging neon signs of your favorite beer brands. Signed sports memorabilia, jerseys from your favorite players, or framed prints of sports arenas also make excellent decor for your room. Whatever your design style, display it in your mancave.

A mancave is a home within a home. It is a place to indulge in your own interests and style without needing to compromise with the aesthetic of the rest of the house. With so many options, it’s easy to create your perfect space.