Lawn Might Hate You - Paramount Equity®Your lawn is an extension of your home, so you want it to look good. A well cared for yard is not only enjoyable for the whole family; it adds value to your home as well. The following are five practices to avoid when learning how to take care of your lawn.

Over Watering

It may seem counter intuitive, but watering your lawn every day isn’t good for it. Weak, shallow roots form when a lawn is watered every day. Give the soil a chance to start drying out. This forces the roots to grow and reach for the water that’s available deeper in the ground. Stronger roots protect your grass from drought.

Mowing Too Short

Typically, only the top third of the grass blade should be cut when mowing. Cutting more than this stresses the plant making it harder for it to bounce back with healthy growth. Leave the blades slightly longer to shade the ground. This reduces temperatures and conserves moisture in the soil. If your grass is overgrown, don’t cut it to its normal height in one session. Instead, take two, or even three mowing sessions to achieve the correct height.

Over Fertilizing

Pellet fertilizer is easy to use but you can also burn a lawn with it. Applying too much fertilizer can result in dead spots. If the applicator tool you’re using doesn’t evenly spread the granules, you can end up with brown stripes or circles where too much product is dumped. Test your applicator before applying fertilizer on your grass.

Using the Same Mow Pattern

Your lawn might hate you if you are a creature of habit and mow in the exact same direction or pattern each week. This causes the blades to bend and also results in tire tracks showing on the grass. Alternate the direction as well as the pattern.

Under Watering

Most lawns need one to two inches of water each week to look green and healthy. Some grass types require more water than others. If it’s too difficult to get at least one inch of water on your yard, check into replacing your current lawn with a low water variety.

It does take a little practice to learn how to take care for your grass. With a few proper lawn care tips and some trial and error you’ll have the healthy, beautiful grass you want.