Moving Companies - Paramount Equity® Imagine, if you will, you’re moving into a new home and are just waiting on the movers to arrive with all of your furniture and personal belongings. Time passes and everything you intended to fill your new home with is nowhere to be found, then you find out the movers that you hired are holding it hostage for a large fee. For most, this scenario seems like something out of a nightmare, but it could happen to anyone. If you’re going to be moving and are searching for a moving company, it could be wise to take steps now to find a moving company that is trustworthy.

Do Your Research

First and foremost before hiring anyone to move your furniture and personal belongings, it is critical to do the research. As with any profession, there are some scams hiding in the moving industry waiting for an opportunity to pounce on unsuspecting and innocent people. The most effective way of avoiding scams is to educate yourself and know what needs to be done to avoid them. Always be weary of things that can raise red flags, such as unmarked moving trucks, employees without uniforms or name badges and companies that ask for an advanced payment. You should never offer payment for services from moving companies until you have received the service and furniture at your new home.

Check the Credentials of Movers

Before hiring a moving company, be sure to ask for their registration number with the U.S. Department of Transportation and inquire about the status of the moving crew within the company. Questions to ask include:

  • Is the moving crew made up of temporary or full-time employees?
  • Are background checks performed on each moving crew member?
  • Can the company provide positive references by previously satisfied customers?

Get an Estimate and Proof of Insurance

Before you proceed any further, confirm that by hiring the moving crew, your furniture is protected by insurance from damages that could occur and what steps you could take to file a claim in the event that something were to go wrong during the move. Finally, the last step is to receive an estimate from the moving company. Ask them to come to your home and provide a physical inspection to provide either a binding or non-binding estimate.

By following the suggested steps before hiring any moving company, you can be sure that your furniture and personal belongings can be trusted by the moving crew to arrive at your new home safely.