New 2018 Year is coming! Group of cheerful young multiethnic people in Santa hats carrying gold colored numbers and throwing confetti on the partyWe all want to start the New Year off on the right foot, and an enjoyable New Year’s Eve party can help to do that. When deciding how to throw a New Year’s Eve Party, try not to take the night itself too seriously; instead, focus on the most important thing: the people with whom you are going to enjoy it. Spending the night at home with close friends and family can be as exciting and fun as a night out on the town, in addition to costing a lot less money. Good parties should be planned; if you want to know how to throw a New Year’s Eve Party, consider the following elements:

A Theme

This is not essential, but having a theme around which the party is focused can liven things up a bit. Consider costumes or theme-related activities. Guests may feel less inhibited and more relaxed when wearing costumes.

The Food

Usually, food for a New Year’s Eve party will consist of light meals and finger foods rather than a Thanksgiving-style dinner. Finger foods allow guests to move around and mingle rather than be stuck at a dinner table. Your options range from getting frozen pre-made dishes at the grocery store or spending a little time to make some hors d’oeuvres yourself. Fondue is a good idea for your New Year’s Eve dessert as it can help to promote interaction and mingling among your guests. If you decide that your guests need more substantial fare, consider a potluck buffet-style dinner; there is more food at less cost to you and your guests can still interact freely with each other.

The Drinks

Champagne is the traditional option but not really a necessity. Instead of expensive alcohol, try some sparkling grape juice or apple cider. If you decide that you want alcohol but do not have room in your budget for champagne, try a more affordable alternative like prosecco. If you do provide alcohol, make sure that your guests have a safe way to get home. Consider a cab company or get your spare room ready for overnight guests.

Fun Activities

The entertainment you provide for your guests is a big part of how to throw a New Year’s Eve party. The entertainment can range from board games to poker. Games can help strangers to break the ice and pass the time till the clock strikes midnight. If you want dancing, you will need to have appropriate music. Create a playlist to suit your guests, whether old standards or the latest pop hits.

Things to do at Midnight

This is the time in the proceedings when it is traditional to make some noise. You can light fireworks or use noisemakers to usher in the New Year.