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Factors that Can Keep Interest Rates Stay Low

Interest Rates - Paramount Equity®

Low Interest Rates - Paramount Equity®Interest rates have been at historic lows for the past few years. What everyone wants to know now is how much longer will interest rates be this low? The market won’t be this good for buyers forever. Anyone who is interested in purchasing a home in the near future shouldn’t be too worried about rates increasing too much anytime soon.

Don’t Feel Too Much Pressure to Buy Just Yet

It is certainly a good idea to buy a house while interest rates are still low. However, don’t feel pressured to buy a home just because rates and prices are low if you’re not ready.  Figure out your situation and what you want in a home, only when you know you’re ready should go out and buy a home. If you’re a homeowner and can stand to benefit from a lower rate should refinance now. The rates cannot possibly get significantly lower than they are now. (more…)

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Five Reasons Your Lawn Might Hate You

Five Reasons Your Lawn Might Hate You

Lawn Might Hate You - Paramount Equity®Your lawn is an extension of your home, so you want it to look good. A well cared for yard is not only enjoyable for the whole family; it adds value to your home as well. The following are five practices to avoid when learning how to take care of your lawn.

Over Watering

It may seem counter intuitive, but watering your lawn every day isn’t good for it. Weak, shallow roots form when a lawn is watered every day. Give the soil a chance to start drying out. This forces the roots to grow and reach for the water that’s available deeper in the ground. Stronger roots protect your grass from drought.

Mowing Too Short

Typically, only the top third of (more…)

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Buying A Home Again After Foreclosure


Buying After Foreclosure - Paramount Equity®Many people have been led to believe that once they go through a foreclosure that they are never going to be able to buy a home again. In some cases, they are told that buying a home after a foreclosure is possible, but they will have to have an insane amount of money down, that they will have an incredibly high interest rate and that it will take years to get it. This could not be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that you will have to take some crucial steps, but you can learn how to buy a home after a foreclosure.

Pay Up

One of the first things you are going to want to do is to get your finances in order. Most likely, if you were behind on your mortgage, you were behind on other bills as well. It is time to do whatever you have to do to get those expenses on (more…)

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How to boost your credit score

How to boost your credit score -Paramount Equity®

Credit Score-Paramount Equity®So, you’re finding yourself at that point in life where you want to buy a home or a condo, but your credit score is a little bit lacking. It’s not great, but it’s not perfect, either. The goal is to get a better credit rating, which means you’re going to have to do some footwork; reports don’t fix themselves. Remember that increasing your credit score does not happen overnight, but it does get better as long as you are proactive. Get a copy of your credit report and get a word processor ready. You’re going to be doing some work while learning how to boost your credit score.

Following are five tips that help you improve your overall score:

  1. Examine your credit report with a fine-tooth comb. Mistakes are frequently found on reports, and they stay there until you challenge them. There are plenty of template letters you can use to dispute, or (more…)
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Give Your Home Some Curb Appeal

Paramount Equity® - Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal- Paramount Equity®Arriving home after a day spent at work is always the highlight of the day, but if your lawn and other exterior aspects of your home were spruced up a bit, you would feel even happier upon your arrival. So how do you give your home curb appeal without spending a lot of money? There are several easy steps to take that will make the exterior of your house look amazing, even if you are working with a budget.

1.) Make your lawn look like a masterpiece by simply mowing a pattern into it. This will cost you nothing, and it will not take much more time than you spend on cutting your grass now. You can make a simple pattern by mowing up and down your lawn with an overlap of six inches on each turn.

2.) To make the patterns in your grass look even more impressive, you should grab an edger and even out all of the edges. Try not to (more…)

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Five Things Homeowners Wish They Knew Before They Bought Their Home

Stress concept - angry frustrated man with exploding head

things homowners need to know- Paramount Equity®If you’ve never purchased a home before, there are several things that you may not yet understand about the process. A lot of these lessons are only learned after you buy the home and move into it. Here are five things to know before you buy your first home.

Repairs and Maintenance Never Stop

One of the things that takes many homeowners by surprise is how much work is involved in owning a home. The repairs and maintenance seem to never stop. When you are an owner of the house, you have to take everything from painting to plumbing.
As a renter, you may not have had to deal with these issues. Once you become the owner, the responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders.

Choose Your Neighbors Carefully


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Picking a Great Real Estate Agent


Great Real Estate Agent - Paramount Equity®When you choose to get involved in the real estate market, there are many different ways that you could handle transactions. If you want to make sure that things are handled properly, you need a good real estate agent on your side. With so many real estate agents in your area, it can be difficult to choose one that you feel comfortable with. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when picking a real estate agent.

Look at Track Record

When you are interested in picking a great real estate agent, you should pay special attention to their track record. The real estate industry is a results-oriented business.
You want to work with someone who knows what they’re doing and has a good history of results. Sometimes, you can find lists of which real estate agents sold the most in your area within the last year. Try (more…)

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7 Building blocks of good credit

7 Building blocks of good credit -Paramount Equity®

Building your credit - Paramount EQuityThe building blocks of good credit are simple and attainable. Follow a few basic rules, and you can establish and maintain a great credit score. Setting yourself to the task today of building good credit will enable you to enjoy the most desirable long term credit scenarios. Here are 5 time-tested techniques you can implement at any time.

  1. Access Small Amounts Only. This is one of the most basic building blocks of good credit, but also the hardest. In our gotta-have-everything-now culture, the temptation to splurge on materials, goods, and services at the expense of your personal credit is overwhelming. Resisting this urge will provide you with years worth of excellent credit, more credit choices at lower rates and higher amounts. Aim to consistently use no more than 30-50% of your credit limit.
  2. Baby Steps. Remember all the times mom scolded you for eating too fast at the table? One slow step at a time is a responsible pace for building good credit. Don’t accept every card you’re offered. Envelopes arriving in the mail with pre-approved cards should be treated like the plague. (more…)
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