Home Theatre on a Budget

Home Theatre on a budget

Home Theater- Paramount Equity®Homeowners everywhere are looking for ways to enhance the look of their home without breaking the bank. A home theater is a great option. But it is important that you decide on how much money you have to spend on your home theater before you even start looking at purchasing equipment. Another thing to think about is what you really want in your home theater setup. You can set up a home theater on a budget very easily if you plan ahead.

Here are 5 Top Things to Help You Get Started on Your Home Theater:

  1. Take a look at your room size. If you are working with a small area, remember to think about an appropriate screen size. You definitely want to have enough room to set up your home theater without it looking all cluttered. You can choose from a sound bar or a home theater in a box. Each of these are designed to provide you with many hours of entertainment pleasure, and it is (more…)
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Options for your spare bedroom

Game Room

Spare RoomSo you’ve finally got the space you need for your family and still have room to spare? Make good use of your extra space with these options for your spare bedroom.

1) An Office

Even if you don’t make a living out of your home, it is still a good idea to have a separate place to manage bills, send emails, and cruse the internet. Simply add a desk, a comfortable office chair, and good lighting to protect your eyes while working on your computer.

2) A Workout Room

A treadmill or other piece of exercise equipment would suit this room fine, but it isn’t necessary. Just a yoga mat or exercise ball and a television would be sufficient to keep this room functional, and keep you fit. (more…)

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Give Your Home Some Curb Appeal

Paramount Equity® - Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal- Paramount Equity®Arriving home after a day spent at work is always the highlight of the day, but if your lawn and other exterior aspects of your home were spruced up a bit, you would feel even happier upon your arrival. So how do you give your home curb appeal without spending a lot of money? There are several easy steps to take that will make the exterior of your house look amazing, even if you are working with a budget.

1.) Make your lawn look like a masterpiece by simply mowing a pattern into it. This will cost you nothing, and it will not take much more time than you spend on cutting your grass now. You can make a simple pattern by mowing up and down your lawn with an overlap of six inches on each turn.

2.) To make the patterns in your grass look even more impressive, you should grab an edger and even out all of the edges. Try not to (more…)

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Is a Staycaytion is Better than a Hotel Room?

Paramount Equity® - Staycation

Vacation at Home- Paramount Equity®Getting time off from work for a vacation is hard enough. Getting time off to recover from the flu immediately after that vacation can put you in an even rougher position. Unfortunately, many hotel rooms are a hotbed for germs.

The same germs that are found in a hotel room can be found in the home. However, the germs found in a hotel room are more unknown and can potentially contain strains of dangerous bacteria. For this reason and many others, the best option for resting and rejuvenating is to go on a staycation.

You might wonder “what is a staycation?” A staycation is essentially a vacation that you take while staying at home. For a staycation to be a vacation, you must use it to perform activities that (more…)

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Increase the Value of your home

Increase the Value of your home - Paramount Equity®

Increase the Value of your home - Paramount Equity®Your house might be in great condition – to you – but if you are planning to sell it or even rent it out, you may well get more money if you follow some tips to increase the value of your home. Obviously, you don’t want to put in more money than necessary or undertake major remodeling jobs or you may be unable to recoup the money during the sale. Ten relatively inexpensive ways to increase the value of your home include the following:

1.    Remove clutter and tidy up your house. An untidy and messy house is a total turn-off.

2.    A fresh coat of paint – this is extremely important, especially if your paint is not in good condition or is peeling. In fact, light colored walls immediately open up the space and make it look more attractive. (more…)

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Baby and Dog Proofing Your Home

Paramount Equity® - dog and baby

Bay and dog proofing your home - Paramount Equity®Whether you are bringing home your newborn for the first time or get a new puppy, it is always a necessity to prepare by proofing your home. Proofing your home isn’t difficult, but oftentimes there are a few places that you might forget about that your dog or baby might get into and make a mess. This guide will help you seal all the cracks and keep your baby, dog, and home safe and clean by proofing your home.

Tips to baby proof your home:

Having a baby is a wonderful time in every parent’s life, but they can be a handful. Once babies start crawling, they get into everything! You want to baby proof your home before baby is able to crawl, or when he or she starts rolling around and scooting.

1. Start by turning down (more…)

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Bathroom Updates for Any Skill Level

Bathroom updates -Paramount Equity®

Bathroom updates for any skill level - Paramount Equity®Are you a do it yourself kind of person?  Here are some great bathroom updates for any skill level…

1) Replace the showerhead in your shower to one that is stylish and functional.  Find a showerhead with a design and features you like.  A nice one will cost between $75 and $150.  Simply follow the directions to remove the old showerhead and install the new one.  You may find that you increase water pressure and you will be taking longer showers.

2) Replace your vanity.  As an important bathroom updates for any skill level, this may not sound easy, but it is. There are nine steps.  They include:

-Shut off the water to the faucet. (more…)

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Remodeling your Kitchen Affordably

Remodeling your Kitchen affordably

Remodeling your Kitchen affordablyIt’s no secret that house prices in the U.S. fluctuate on a monthly basis. The region greatly affects the property worth, but something you do have control over is the design of the home. When you take the time to focus on some home improvement projects the property value will likely increase. A lick of paint and spot of reinvention can make a big difference to the appearance and price of the house. Most people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home, so why not take advantage of this and make updates? You can recoup 60%-120% of your investment when you discover ways of remodeling your kitchen affordably.

If budgets are bothering you, test out the following cost-cutting ideas:

1. Painting – When walking into the kitchen the eye will immediately be drawn to the cabinets and cupboards. Replacing these will devour most of your budget; therefore, it’s a good (more…)

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