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6 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter


Untitled-4The start of winter is approaching and it is now time to get your home ready for the frigid temperatures. There is no need to panic if you haven’t started winterizing your home! Our team put together a list of 6 ways to prepare your home for the winter. Check out our list below:

  1. Drain Your Sprinkler System – Before temperatures start to drop, it’s necessary to drain your sprinkler system to prevent your pipes from bursting because of lingering frozen water. Draining your sprinkler system can prevent you from paying for costly repairs.
  2. Clean Your Gutters – Cleaning your gutters is must! If your gutters are clogged, water is more likely to freeze, which can cause roof and foundation problems to your home.
  3. Trim Back Trees and Bushes – If you have tree branches that are close to your home, cut them back. Branches that break due to snow and ice can cause major damage to your home.
  4. Check Furnace and Replace Filters – It’s important to get your furnace checked by a professional and get filters replaced before icy winter weather comes. You do not want to take the risk of having heating issues when frigid temperatures occur!
  5. Prevent Frozen Pipes – A great way to prevent frozen pipes is to use insulation around your pipes. Homeowners should also look for any air leaks around pipes and insulation that would bring any cold air.
  6. Check Your Emergency Supply Kit –It’s a good idea to get your emergency supply kit checked for appropriate clothing, expired food, valid medications and enough water. Winter storms can cause emergency situations and doing this can keep your family safe.

By doing these precautionary steps, you can feel more prepared heading into winter this year. These small steps can save you a ton of money on costly repairs and high utility bills. A few hours of doing these pre-winter maintenance tips, can keep your family safe and warm this winter season.

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Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Rain Gutter full of leaves

Rain Gutter full of leaves


The fall season is a perfect time to get your home ready before the cold winter months arrive. By taking precautionary steps, you can prevent serious home damages and expensive home repairs from occurring. Our team compiled a list of seven important home maintenance tips you should do during the fall to get home ready for winter.

  1. Get your heater/furnace serviced- Autumn is a great time to have a service technician come out and check to ensure your furnace is working properly. In the winter time, service technicians are more likely to be booked up with service calls, which can cause delays.
  2. Get chimney checked for blockages- Fireplaces are used frequently in the cold winter months. It’s a good idea to make sure your chimney is checked for any blockages as it can result in falling debris or a smoky smell in your home when the fire burns.
  3. Remove window A/C units- We suggest removing your A/C window units during the fall because leaves, dirt and other particles can get inside the unit and potentially can potentially damage the unit.
  4. Clean gutters and downspouts- It’s a good idea to get your gutters and downspouts cleaned because the clogging of leaves and other debris can lead to falling gutters which can cause flooding and foundation issues to your property.
  5. Trim trees and bushes- Trimming trees and bushes around your home in the fall can prevent loose branches and limbs from falling onto your property during winter storms.
  6. Get your roof inspected- It’s important to get your roof inspected for any leaks or loose shingles before winter strikes. Roofers will also charge more for services during peak season (winter months).
  7. Seal any cracks around windows and doors- Sealing cracks around your windows and doors before the cold winter comes, can prevent bugs and rodents from coming inside your home. When its cold outside, these pests are looking for warmth and will try to get inside your warm home.

Once you get these preventative maintenance steps completed, you can be assured your home is prepared for the upcoming colder months. Taking these preventative steps can also save you time and lots of money in repair costs. The cold weather is coming, cozy up and relax knowing you fully prepared your home for the colder months.

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Winter Proofing your Home

Winter proofing your home - Paramount Equity®

Snowman outside houseJust as the coming of spring requires you to clean, winter brings its own set of challenges that you must rise to meet. You will want to ensure that your home is not only warm, but that your utility bills are kept low. Energy efficiency is an important part of winter proofing your home and can be good for your budget as well as for the environment. Winter proofing your home may also protect it from the ravages of ice and snow. In order to winter proof your home effectively, you should:

Seal Your Leaks

The most obvious step in keeping your home warm is to keep cold air out and warm air in. The average home is riddled with air leaks; there are so many that by some estimates they have the equivalent of a nine square foot hole in an exterior wall. (more…)

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