Tips to Keep you Home Cool this Summer

Tips to Keep you Home Cool this Summer - Paramount Equity®

With the blistering summer months rolling in quickly, it’s important to stay at a healthy, and comfortable temperature while enjoying your fun in the sun, no matter where you are. It is especially imperative to keep your home well ventilated, and not too warm for your liking. Here are some tips to keep your home cool this summer.

Air Conditioning- Tried and true, AC units are the most popular and most effective tool to combat the heat during hot summer days. Air conditioning units that are stationed upon windows, or central cooling units help regulate the air in your house, much like it does in your car, or refrigerator, siphoning in air, and reducing it’s temperature with what is usually freon, a cooling agent which keeps wherever you are nice and chilly. However, this is possibly the most expensive option of all, due to the fact that it can conjure up quite a significant energy bill if used constantly. (more…)

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Tips to Being More Water Efficient

Tips to being more water efficient - Paramount Equity®

Water is a precious source; without it, there would be no living thing on the planet, and yet, sometimes, people waste it. Whether it’s over-watering their lawns, or using too much for doing dishes or laundry, there are ways to become more water efficient. Here are some tips to being more water efficient, so this vital resource will continue to run freely and be utilized for the most important life-force – all of us.

Outside water conservation

We all love a nice, lush, green lawn – a healthy lawn – but are you over-watering or watering more than just your lawn? Here are some tips to being more water efficient outdoors.

  • Adjust sprinklers so they hit just your lawn and not the sidewalk, driveway, or fence
  • Water in the morning or at night, when (more…)
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8 Ways to Keep Your Yard Pest Free This Summer

Ways to keep your yard pest free this summer - Paramount Equity®

Want to prevent moles and pests from taking over your yard and home this summer? When it comes to pest control, you need to be vigilant. Be on the lookout for the earliest signs of pests and prevent their invasion through biological or chemical control.

Although the cold season is finally over, many homeowners have to contend with the problem of rodents, insects, moles, caterpillars, snails and slugs that can quickly destroy the plants in the yard. These pests hide beneath leaves, under stones and in other places.

Pests cannot only damage the plants in the yard, but also the entire home. You need to act fast to contain or prevent them from destroying your plants. Here are eight ways through which you can keep your yard pest free this summer: (more…)

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June is National Safety Month

June is National Safety month - Paramount Equity®

June is National Safety Month. The National Safety Council observes this month by encouraging businesses, communities, and citizens to get involved in safety issues. NSM focuses on ways to help prevent injuries and death. This year’s theme is “Safety Starts with Me.”

Origin of National Safety Month

This June is National Safety Month and it’s also when we commemorate the 100th year since its inception in 1913. Because of National Safety Month, nearly 6 million lives have been saved through collaborative efforts, estimates the NSC. A timeline is as follows:

1912 – First Cooperative Safety Congress was created by a number of businesses that met in Milwaukee, (more…)

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Throwing an NBA or NHL playoff party

Throwing a NBA or NHL playoff party - Paramount Equity®

If you’re an NBA or NHL fan, you know the big game is a big deal. The playoffs are an even bigger deal, and what better way to cap off the season and cheer for your NBA or NHL team than to throw a party? But what does it take for the party to become a smash-hit? Here are some tips to throwing a NBA or NHL playoff party people will remember for a long time.

If you don’t own a big-screen TV, hit up your friends for the biggest, best TV to use for the big game. As you know, the quality of the TV makes all the difference. Make sure it has high-def capabilities. If no one has one, go in on one with a bunch of friends and take turns keeping it at each other’s residence.

Throwing an NBA or NHL playoff party is all about the food. (more…)

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