Life is Wild at Paramount Equity®

PEM Direct is Drawn Together through “Our Kids Helping Their Kids” Program


The Sacramento Children’s Home is Sacramento’s oldest charity and has provided care to some of the most vulnerable children and families in the Sacramento community since 1867. PEM Direct recently came together as a team to develop a unique, friendly competition to link their own children to those helped by this organization. Children of PEM Direct parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. gathered their pencils, paints, and crayons and created special pieces representing  what it would be like to help another child –  “Our Kids Helping Their Kids.”

More than 30 children participated and three were selected by a panel of impartial judges (Joanne’s neighbors!). For each winner, PEM Direct donated $250 to the Sacramento Children’s Home on their behalf, for a total of $750. For added fun, the PEM Direct team held a “Dunk Your Boss” day where employees bought (more…)

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Paramount Races for the Cure

Race - Paramount Equity®

The Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure is a event  held all across the United States in an effort to raise both money and awareness for breast cancer. Some of our employees here at Paramount got together and competed in one of these races last month in order to support all women in the fight against this terrible disease. Josh Harmatz, Gregory Jefferson, John Harrington, Corinne Blackney, Brandon Kleker, and their families all represented Paramount Equity® in the 5K race.





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Swinging for the Fences

Paramount Equity® Sot Ball

Paramount Equity®’s CO-ED softball team got the chance to go for gold in the championship game of Spring League Softball.

Unfortunately, this was not going to be an easy task for the team. After beating a team 12-5, they were set to play an undefeated team for the championship. Our team was ready to show off their skills and prove that even though our opponents might have been better on paper, we were the better team. The first four innings did not go the way we had hoped, being down 3-0 going into the fifth, so we knew we had to turn it around quickly. The fifth inning was where things started to go our way.

The other team was up to bat first and we held them to 0 with some amazing defense. Once we got up to the plate our bats came alive and brought us to 6 runs with our opponents having 5. (more…)

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Marketing May Mystery

Mystery Mortgage

The ladies of the marketing team would like everyone’s help in identifying a culprit…a very thoughtful culprit. 

Last Wednesday, the marketing team was going about our daily business when a delightful mystery began to unfold. Michele and I were walking by my office after a meeting and she spotted a lovely vase of flowers on my desk. She asked me to spill the details of who the gentleman caller responsible for this might be, but as I reached for the card I saw that there was no sender listed! The marketing Kristen/Cristin(s) chimed in that they had also received anonymous flowers, and we soon discovered that every lady in the marketing department had been given this thoughtful, floral gift with a personalized message.

And of course, we’re the type-A, nosy sort of gals, so we did some sleuthing and mild interrogations of our fellow coworkers to determine the perpetrator. Being the PR girl who’s apparently sly with words, I was nominated to call the florist to see if I could get any clues. In my sweetest Texas accent, (this has a 98% success rate – it’s hard to resist a Southerner) I told the florist that the marketing team received some beautiful flowers and unfortunately the sender had failed to include a name so that we might send a thank you card. She said the sender asked to remain anonymous, but let it slip that it was a “he.” Hmm…

Seeing this as an opportunity for a little playful mischief, a couple ladies sent photos of their flowers to their significant others with exuberant “thanks yous!” But these lads were unfazed and immediately confessed that they were not the sender – and one even showed the photos off to his coworkers because he was so tickled by his lovely wife receiving flowers from a secret source.  

It’s been a week since this wonderful surprise, and we’ve yet to determine any concrete suspects. If you, or anyone you know, have information regarding the “May Marketing Mystery,” please contact the marketing department. Together, we can identify, and properly thank, this charming culprit.

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Paramount Equity®’s Softball Team Goes for the Win

Paramount Equity® - softball

In only their second season, Paramount Equity®’s indoor softball team had a shot at the championship against a veteran group. Unlike outdoor softball, where the offensive team gets three outs until they have to switch to defense, each team get 20 pitches before they have to switch. Teams on defense also get half a point for each out they create.

We were the away team so we got to hit first. After a relatively slow start, our bats came alive. One of our non-Paramount employee players, Katy Kaestner, hit a grand slam to give us the lead. Later in the inning, our very own Jen Erickson from the Lock Desk hit a home run to give us a bigger lead. From there, it was a back-and-forth game. In the last of the 4th inning (each game is only 4 innings long), it was still anyone’s game. At the end though, the other team hit a home run to seal the deal, and we wound up losing. (more…)

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Cup of Soup or Small Dry Goods

Paramount Equity® Marketing Team

Last week, the marketing team decided to forego our morning meetings and mounds of emails and instead donated our time at the Placer Food Bank. We tackled huge bins of food, sorting the many pounds of donations into categories for easy distribution. Throughout the morning we raced around making quick decisions on whether that Cup Noodles went into the pasta or small dry goods bin – a nice retreat from making those similar decisions on whether to increase radio buys here or digital interaction there. We are so thankful for the food bank to let this motley crew into their warehouse to bond as a team while giving back.

The Placer Food Bank is a food clearinghouse for those in need in Placer, El Dorado, and Nevada Counties. They collect, organize, and distribute nearly 6 million pounds of food every year, serving  an average of 48,000 seniorcitizens, children, and low-income, handicapped, or disabled individuals. The work that they do for this community is tremendous and we are ever-thankful to be a small part of their efforts.

Click here to see a video of the marketing team at work!

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