Tips for Driving in Winter

car covered with snow in the forest

tips on driving in winterWinter is among us and this means that you need to be extra cautious when hitting the roads! Even the most experienced driver can make mistakes during the colder season, from following too closely behind another vehicle to having insufficient traction. Packed snow has approximately 30% of the traction that dry pavement has, proving the importance of focusing on preparation and prevention. If you will be making the trip to see friends and family over the next few weeks/months, stop a snowy jaunt from turning into a dangerous drive with the following tips for driving in winter:

1. Visibility – Poor visibility is one of the most common reasons why people encounter problems on the roads during winter. Ice, snow and condensation can restrict your field of view. With the windscreen being one of the most important aspects of the car, it’s vital that you inspect it before setting off on long journeys. (more…)

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Should you invest in a Tablet?

Buying a tablet - Paramount Equity®

When it comes to computers, the decision used to be whether or not you wanted to buy a desktop or a laptop. These days, the game has completely changed as tablets and similar devices have entered the market. So which do you need: A laptop or a tablet?

What Are Your Needs?

The first thing to consider when deciding between a laptop and a tablet are the uses for which you will need it. If you need a lot of storage, power or very fast processors for graphics or video, then a tablet is probably not going to be the best option. If you’re constantly on the go and need to use your device for keeping in touch with your family, friends or business associates, then a tablet may be the best fit. Some of those devices come with 3G or 4G connections so that you can get a (more…)

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Back to school! Find good deals on school supplies and more

Back to School - Paramount Equity®

Even though it seems as though the summer is still in full swing, you’re going to have to start getting back into that back to school mentality sooner or later. If you’re thinking with your best interests in mind you’re no doubt looking for good deals on school supplies. You can do this and you don’t even need to take a whole lot of time or energy either. Here’s a handy guide for finding good deals on school supplies.

Take Stock: One of the first things you need to do when you’re looking for good deals on school supplies is to first find out what you have and what you haven’t. There’s nothing quite like the pie in your eye when you have bought things in duplicate or triplicate.
Make sure to go over your kids’ fall prep sheets and see if the teachers or school even have a website so that you can know just what is required. (more…)

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Activities for Kids to do During the Summer

Activities for kids to do during the summer - Paramount Equity®

It’s summertime and the familiar words from your kids of “I’m bored!” ring through your head. Now what? Never fear, there are many activities for kids to do during the summer. All it takes is a little creativity and cooperation from your children.

Attend summer camp – depending on where you live, summer camp is an awesome activity for kids, since it usually happens all summer long. Kids can foster new friendships, learn new and exciting things, enjoy the great outdoors, and…never be bored.

Join a sport’s team
– get your kid on a city soccer, baseball, or other outdoor league. Not only will this teach them the value of being on a team, but help them develop new skills. Plus, they will meet new friends and learn valuable leadership skills, as well. (more…)

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5 Awesome Vacation Ideas for the Summer

5 Awesome Vacation Ideas for the Summer - Paramount Equity®

The kids are out of school and you’ve earned a long vacation, or if it’s just you or you and your significant other, it’s time for warm temperatures, blue skies, and light winds, which equals summertime! I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of vacation to take this year, where to go, when to go, and how to make it the best ever. Here are 5 awesome vacation ideas for the summer.

  1. Of course, you can never go wrong with Disneyland or Disneyworld, especially if you have kids. If you have been to Disneyland, try Disneyworld. If you have the budget for it, add a Disney cruise – a once-in-a-lifetime experience your kids will be talking about for years to come. Because they cater to the family, they also offer areas of the ship just for adults, kids, and teens. Moms and Dads can chill out by the pool, while their little ones are getting all dressed up in princess or pirate attire.
  2. See the sights in New York City if you’re traveling solo. There is so much to see in the city, from Broadway’s fantastic shows to Central Park, and of course, the Statue of Liberty. (more…)
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Make Your Money Last in Retirement

Make your money last in retirement - Paramount Equity®

If you have been working hard all your life, you are probably looking forward to retirement as the time of life where you can do all that you have put on hold. But have you planned on how you are going to live your dream retirement? Have you got all your finances in place so that you can keep your lifestyle even though you are not working so that you make your money last in retirement?

The fact of the matter is that unless you are super rich, you have to plan your retirement expenses as early on as you can – the younger you start, the more comfortable your retirement years will be. Usually money makes money, so if you start saving young, you can multiply your savings over time, provided you have not taken bad hits due to business losses, money market adventures or even housing mortgages. (more…)

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Solar Energy for Your Home

Solar energy in your home - Paramount Equity®

Have you ever wished that you could stop those monthly high-energy bills?  Solar energy in your home could be the answer. Solar energy is capable of cutting your energy bills and possibly totally eradicating them.  If you are producing more than you can use, it is even possible to sell excess energy to the grid.

As with any project, you need a plan of attack to organize the process and make it relatively painless.  There are five basic steps you need to keep in mind for any project: Consult, Finance, Buy, Build and Enjoy.

That sounds simple enough.  However, I will spell out the steps just to clarify and lay to rest any questions or concerns you might have.

Consult, basically means to talk to the experts.  Discuss the idea of solar energy in your home with your local power company.  Some power companies (more…)

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