Back to school! Find good deals on school supplies and more

Back to School - Paramount Equity®

Even though it seems as though the summer is still in full swing, you’re going to have to start getting back into that back to school mentality sooner or later. If you’re thinking with your best interests in mind you’re no doubt looking for good deals on school supplies. You can do this and you don’t even need to take a whole lot of time or energy either. Here’s a handy guide for finding good deals on school supplies.

Take Stock: One of the first things you need to do when you’re looking for good deals on school supplies is to first find out what you have and what you haven’t. There’s nothing quite like the pie in your eye when you have bought things in duplicate or triplicate.
Make sure to go over your kids’ fall prep sheets and see if the teachers or school even have a website so that you can know just what is required. (more…)

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Activities for Kids to do During the Summer

Activities for kids to do during the summer - Paramount Equity®

It’s summertime and the familiar words from your kids of “I’m bored!” ring through your head. Now what? Never fear, there are many activities for kids to do during the summer. All it takes is a little creativity and cooperation from your children.

Attend summer camp – depending on where you live, summer camp is an awesome activity for kids, since it usually happens all summer long. Kids can foster new friendships, learn new and exciting things, enjoy the great outdoors, and…never be bored.

Join a sport’s team
– get your kid on a city soccer, baseball, or other outdoor league. Not only will this teach them the value of being on a team, but help them develop new skills. Plus, they will meet new friends and learn valuable leadership skills, as well. (more…)

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