Fixing broken Fences- Paramunt EquityOwning a home can feel empowering. However, a brand new house doesn’t stay new. As soon as the structure is lived in, it begins to suffer wear. To protect a home asset, a homeowner needs to be prepared to do basic maintenance on a regular basis. Some of the most common problems that happen first tend to be the backyard fence as well as the sprinkler system because they are both exposed to the elements and water.

Fixing Broken Sprinklers

The easiest fix associated with a sprinkler involves repairing a sprinkler head. These get easily broken or jammed. The old head has to be removed. Fortunately, these parts are screwed into the PVC feed pipe under the ground surface. Removing the dirt around the broken head makes access easy. The homeowner then just needs to unscrew the old unit, bring to a hardware store to match it with a new one, and screw the new one in to the (more…)

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